my style of photography is a replica of who i am,

A delicate balance of opposites.

I am an extrovert who genuinely enjoys icebreaker questions, and an introvert who feels at peace in the background. My favorite photos of myself are unposed + double-chin-deep in laughter, yet I am inspired by the intentional composition of Annie Leibovitz's work. Just like I would never choose one side of who I am over the other, I would never want to choose just one style of photography.

Documentary or editorial photography. A high-end luxurious experience or down to earth energy.

My styles could never exist alone, so I decided to mix them together. Your memories are a blend of unscripted moments and intentional interactions, and with me by your side, you’ll never have to pick one or the other.


traveling wedding photographer based in Nashville, tn

Now that we're a year and half into marriage, looking back at the photos puts me right back in my wedding dress standing in front of the man that I love.

I get to relive that feeling each and every day because of Ali.

-abbi + dillon, 2022 couple

Your legacy.

how i turn your moments into

every person you love, remembered

Celebrating the entire cast, not just the main characters

Your loved ones traveled far and wide to celebrate your marriage. Whether they are your family by blood or by choice, the way they love you deserves to be captured.

an eye for details

Shining a spotlight on the moments you want to remember

your favorite scenes frozen in time

Small interactions are what build our most treasured memories, and these are the moments I am most drawn to. Holding hands under the dinner table, winks from across the room. A million little moments that create your story, preserved in time.

Cinematic photography looks like a movie scene + belongs in a magazine

Imagine pressing pause during your favorite part of your favorite movie. You look at the frozen scene and swear you can hear the characters laughing, the music playing in the background.
THAT is cinematic photography.

All about

Spending time with family, thrifted decor, whiskey on the rocks, handwritten letters


Stiff + posed photos, parallel parking, e-books, Spirit Airlines

agree? we're meant to be.

you should probably know....

fast facts

I'm a little obsessed with my cats


Meet hedwig + minerva

I'm still not over it.


in 2021 i photographed dolly parton,

London, England


my dream is to own a photo studio in

I bet you think about me.


meet me once and every time you hear Taylor Swift,

Let's make magic

Luxury photography, laid back energy