Bespoke and En Vogue on Miramar Beach

Could Lauren and Francesco’s Miramar Beach wedding have been any more bespoke (she writes in her very best Chandler Bing voice)? I think not! 

When I tell you this day was chock full with innovative and en vogue details, I mean it. Lauren and Francesco put so much thought into each and every element of their day, from the moment Lauren started getting ready with her ’80s tracksuit-clad bridesmaids to last call for Blue Lou specialty cocktails at Louis Louis

Let’s run it back, shall we?

Bride smiles as groom kisses her neck in Miramar Beach wedding
Bride and groom laugh together at Miramar Beach destination wedding
First kiss in vogue wedding on Miramar Beach
Bride and groom walk down 30A boardwalk towards Miramar Beach
Miramar Beach along the Emerald Coast of Florida

“Ali wasn’t just my wedding photographer, she was my cheerleader, confidante, and a calming force amidst the wedding planning whirlwind. From the moment we connected, I knew she was special. Her talent is undeniable: she seamlessly adapts to any situation, capturing beautiful, authentic moments with flawless execution. Don’t be afraid of her “wild suggestions,” like mine – they ended up being some of my favorite shots, hanging proudly on my wall!But beyond the skills, Ali’s magic lies in her ability to capture the essence of you and your love story. Her photos radiate genuine emotion and tell a unique story that goes beyond posed perfection. It’s truly like she possesses a photographer’s superpower!If I could bottle up her warmth, humor, and talent, I would carry it with me for every life event. But for now, I’m incredibly grateful to have Ali’s incredible photos that will forever remind me of the joy and love of our wedding day.I wholeheartedly recommend Ali to anyone seeking more than just a photographer; they’re looking for a partner in their wedding journey.” -Lauren, Bride

Crawfish, Meet Kurt Geiger. 

As the sun rose over the Hotel Effie on Miramar Beach, I started my day like I always do: capturing details which, in my book, is tantamount to setting the scene in a Hollywood cinematic masterpiece. And with Lauren’s Kurt Geiger white leather, crawfish-embroidered flat mules serving serious main character energy, I’d say I’m maybe onto something with that mentality. Lush majesty palms gave me a rich backdrop to photograph Lauren’s LVD Bridal wedding gown in the quiet of the morning before I joined the wedding party as their day got underway.

Hotel Effie in Miramar Beach, Florida
Kurt Geiger London lobster mules photographed at Miramar Beach wedding
Heirloom jewelry and Kurt Geiger flat mules with crawfish for bride
LVD Bridal gown hangs on luggage cart in hotel lobby at Miramar Beach
Wedding and engagement ring sitting on Kurt Geiger flat mules
Bridal gown hangs in front of lush majesty palms on Miramar Beach

Unconventional Getting Ready Photos at Miramar Beach

Guys. I am absolutely OBSESSED with every single part of these getting ready photos. Instead of going the more conventional route of dressing her bridesmaids in matching pajamas, Lauren thrifted ‘80s tracksuits for each of her bridesmaids and her flower girl. The cheers were cheers-ing, the vibes were vibing, and the bride was glowing. 

Meanwhile, Francesco was poolside, outfitted in a custom, 100% handmade Richards Bespoke suit. As in, the very same designer who makes Patrick Mahomes suits. If you’re thinking, “Wow, it looks like the groom just stepped out of Vogue magazine,” well… he pretty much did. Or might as well have, anyway. Between the custom suit on Francesco, the dapper groomsmen standing by his side, and the poolside setup at Hotel Effie, the photos were giving nothing short of chic, if I do say so myself.

Groomsmen and ring bearer sit poolside in their tuxedos in Miramar Beach wedding
Groomsmen walk across black and white tile floor along the pool with beers in their hands
Richards Bespoke custom suit for groom
Groom wears Richards Bespoke suit by the same designer who designs Patrick Mahomes' suits
Groom straightens ring bearers tie in Miramar Beach wedding
Bride and flower girl twirl around in their dresses in Miramar Beach destination wedding
Bride puts on her heirloom jewelry in Miramar Beach destination wedding
Bride wearing eighties track suit laughs as she spills pink cocktail in Miramar Beach destination wedding
Bride and bridesmaids laugh as bride pops champagne in Miramar Beach destination wedding
Groomsmen sip from beers in Miramar Beach destination wedding
Bridal party toasts their champagne flutes in Miramar Beach destination wedding
Bride looks at inside lining of groom's custom Richards Bespoke suit in Miramar Beach destination wedding
Bride puts on heirloom earrings as she gets ready for her Miramar Beach wedding
Groom smiles wearing custom Richards Bespoke suit while standing on poolside balcony

Vendors: Second Shooter: Cassidy Rose Photography | Getting Ready Venue/Ceremony Venue: Hotel Effie | Wedding Planner: Avis with Peach and Pearl Events | Florist: Forget Me Knot Flowers | Hair: Gallant Glam | Makeup: 30A Makeup | Dress: LVD Bridal | Her Ring: Draper Jewelry | Her Earrings: Floysun Jewelry | Her Shoes: Kurt Geiger | Suit: Richards Bespoke | Cake: Bonnie Vie | Live Music: Five Star Funk Lounge under Music Garden’s Management | Bridesmaid Dresses: Revelry | Reception Venue: Louis Louis

Including the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl in Wedding Party Photos

It’s not every day that you see the flower girl and ring bearer making an appearance in the wedding party photos, but Lauren and Francesco chose to include them, and those energetic little kiddos were totally down. In fact, I’m willing to bet they felt pretty damn special being included! While there were, of course, photos of “just the grown-ups”, too, including the ring bearer and flower girl was such an endearing spin on the classic wedding party photos that we are more accustomed to seeing in the wedding industry.

Flower girl smells the bride's bouquet in Miramar Beach destination wedding
Groom poses with two thumbs up with bridesmaids and flower girl surrounding him
Flower girl's sparkly pink sneakers sparkle in the sunlight while she sits in the grass
Grooms picks up little ring bearer
Flower girl plays with her tutu dress while wearing butterfly clips in her hair
Bride and bridesmaids dance in the sunlight in Miramar Beach wedding
Bride, groom, ring bearer, and flower girl make funny faces at the camera
Bride and groom smile down at ring bearer and flower girl in Miramar Beach destination wedding
Groom and groomsmen sling their suit jackets over their shoulders
Wedding party cheers as bride and groom kiss in Miramar Beach destination wedding

Detail-Oriented Ceremony Setup at Miramar Beach Destination Wedding

Everything about the ceremony setup overlooking the ocean screamed bespoke. From the photographs of loved ones who have passed hanging over empty chairs to the vintage Turkish rugs cascading down the aisle, every detail was so intentional to how Francesco and Lauren wanted their ceremony to feel. The florals and pampas grasses by Forget Me Knot were obviously gorgeous; the positioning of the ceremony to have the ocean as a backdrop was an absolute must; and while I know the bride and groom had no control over the sun’s performance at showtime, the golden hour light was doing the thing! If you’re looking for inspo for your ceremony setup, look no further: Lauren and Francesco knew what they were doing when they planned their Miramar Beach destination wedding.

Floral arrangements with pampas grass at Miramar Beach wedding
Floral wedding arch by Forget Me Knot in Miramar Beach
Photo of lost loved one draped over chair at wedding ceremony
Wedding ceremony setup overlooking the ocean on Miramar Beach in Destin, Florida
Ring bearer walks down the aisle while golden hour sun hits his face
Vintage turkish rugs create wedding ceremony aisle
Bride and groom hold hands at destination wedding in Florida
Groom smiles as flower girl comes down the aisle
Bride and groom smile as they make their golden hour grand exit at Miramar Beach

Dive Bar but Make it Fashion

Again, you might want to take a page from Lauren and Francesco’s book on how to host the unique wedding reception of the century because their reception at Louis Louis in South Walton, Florida was unlike anything you’ve seen before. If you thought this Emerald Coast hidden gem couldn’t possibly find a way to be chic, then you thought wrong. Lauren changed into a fabulous sparkle-studded white jumpsuit, the red neon lights were doing the vibey thing that red neon lights do best, and the party was very clearly ON. I had the hardest time selecting photos for this particular gallery because there were literally hundreds of everybody having the time of their lives in this south Florida destination wedding reception location.

Bride and groom step onto the dance floor in their grand entrance as newlyweds at Louis Louis in South Walton, Florida
Louis Louis in South Walton, Florida
Cocktail bar in Florida as Miramar Beach destination wedding reception location
Groom dips bride wearing white jumpsuit in first dance
Glittery sneakers on vintage booth in Louis Louis
Glamorous wedding cake for destination wedding in Destin, Florida
Grooms smiles at wedding guest on dance floor
Bride and wedding guest bust a move on the dance floor of Louis Louis
Groom looks adoringly at bride while she dances at wedding reception

Old Hollywood-Inspired Sendoff

It’s like Audrey Hepburn herself stepped out of the screen and into the twenty first century to plan this gorgeous send-off. A white vintage convertible awaited the newlyweds as they ducked under disco ball string lights and gave giddy high fives to all of their guests before riding off into the evening. I can’t think of a better way to bid the night ado than in high style.

Bride and groom duck ander disco ball string lights in wedding send-off
Bride and groom share kiss in back of vintage convertible

All of this swooning-over-Lauren-and-Francesco to say: Planning a wedding can be a lot of work, but it can be so rewarding when you pack the itinerary full of unconventional and meaningful details. Ditch the trends. Break the “rules.” Hire the band. Take the shots.

I’ll just be here, eager as all get out to preserve your memories as art.

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